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Social Media Marketing Agency in South Florida

Traditional Marketing only really goes in one direction – from company to target customer – and in some businesses is getting less and less effective as Social Media dominates our lives. is an expert Social media marketing company, helping you research, design, launch and then manage high performing social media campaigns.

We offer Social Media Marketing services for anyone from small to large businesses, to not-for-profit organizations and also public services. We can create, manage and maintain social media networks on all major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.

Each of these platforms is technically different, attract different demographics and also have different styles of content and tone of voice. So, we always use the relevant SMO services to help businesses and other organizations create better visibility and wider reach on any and all platforms. For example, LinkedIn content and tone of voice works quite differently from Twitter, and Instagram and Facebook are different again.

Social Media Marketing Agency in South Florida
Social Media Marketing Agency in South Florida
So, it is not just the message that matters, it is also how the message is packaged.
Traditional marketing professionals typically make some common mistakes, when advising business about Social Media Marketing. Here’s a sample of some of the most common:

They don’t realize just how much you need to stand out from the Internet crowd. They’ll make you a great looking website and do a little bit of SEO but you won’t stand out enough from competitors. Even if people know you exist, if you seem to be the same as everyone else, prospective customers may have no special reason to choose you.

They don’t give prospective customers a good enough reason to engage with you Even if someone finds you, you still need to engage their interest to take the next steps. Just ‘chest-beating’ about how clever or reputable you are and having all the same things that your competitors are saying, doesn’t cut it with many potential customers anymore. This is especially true for younger customers, who are used to getting their impressions about a company validated by peers or trusted opinion leaders via social media, they don’t give you a step by step engagement plan to build confidence and trust in you and your business or organization. This confidence is crucial and a relationship needs to be cultivated.

SEO forms the foundation for the rest of your Social Media Marketing strategy.

It’s important to start with a ‘ground-up’ comprehensive audit of your current website. This will look at aspects in the code, content, metadata and link profile to determine what work is needed to improve your visibility in search engine results. This forms the basis of your strategy moving forward.

SEO applies to everything you do on Social Media the internet – not just page optimization or site optimization against a set of relevant keywords. Each item of digital content you produce or use needs to be optimized for discovery and you need to think about how each Social Media platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, etc. is used
It’s also a dangerous assumption that preexisting awareness driven by advertising will bring your target audience to you.

At we know from experience, in reality, people may be seeking out types of content on a specific topic and find you that way.

Social Media Blogs, Videos or Podcasts can be a great way to increase awareness of you and your brand but another mistake we see at is people creating Social Media content on topics that they think are interesting and useful, without enough thought about what the potential audience wants to find out about.
A Blog, Video or Podcast should create interest in a brand, organization, product or service, and this should always be at the front of your mind.
There are ways to make this easier. Instead of guessing what potential customers want, we will show you how to use data to help you make effective Social Media marketing. All social media platforms have ways of generating useful data that we can help you interpret and then make the right choices about content, style, and tone.

When Social Media Marketing is done correctly, there are four reasons if delivers better results and superior to other methods
It Cultivates the right kind of prospective customers for your business or organization. Like any form of Cultivation, you prepare the ground first, plant seeds, remove weeds and then harvest the results and then repeat the cycle. By targeting the audience who are the right fit for you, you get the right kind of leads.

It Provides Value to your prospective customers. There are millions and millions of web pages out there of all kinds. If you offer educational and informative content that is of real value to your target audience, you have an edge over competitors.

It Builds Confidence that you know what you are talking about It helps make you a Trusted Advisor. People need to connect with you on an emotional level as well as a rational one. If they respect and trust you and you reciprocate that respect and trust, you build a relationship that benefits both parties and that your competitors will find very hard to break. Some people still use a lot of traditional Marketing – print advertising, email shots, a better-looking website, print leaflets and maybe even sponsorship or events.

This can generate some leads but increasingly isn’t especially effective and can be time-consuming and have poor ROI.
Today, prospective clients are just like everyone else – they spend a lot of time online and are bombarded with information. So, your voice can be drowned out.
So, contact the team at Absolute Marketing for some expert help in Social Media Marketing, this powerful and cost-effective form of reaching the right audience for you.

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