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Online Reputation Management

Enhance Brand TRUST

Traditional marketing in
the 20th Century was one-directional:

Companies told prospective customers about how great they were. That just doesn’t work today because Social Media changed all that. Millennials were the first generation to rely on peers and trusted internet figures to get reliable advice on potential purchases. Now, pretty much everyone is doing it.

That’s why Online Reputation Management (ORM) is so important. ORM helps in building your brand, creating a better connection with your customers, and creating a trusted online reputation. Social Media is a place where trust can be gained – or lost. So, you must have a well thought out and resourced ORM strategy, that is tailored to you.

This is where will help you. Almost no one has 100% happy customers or problem-free business. However it’s not about eliminating problems altogether, it’s more about how you are seen to handle them. We can build trust or where necessary regain trust. We not only make online reputations, we also mend them. Equally a happy customer is a great salesperson. Helping them get their message out positively can go straight to your bottom line. Online reputation management services are an integral part of modern Digital Marketing digital promotions. is a leading online reputation management company in South Florida. Trust in a brand directly affects getting new customer leads, closing business and keeping existing customers loyal. We all know how hard it is to get good new customers and how hard competitors may try to take away existing ones.

So, we have a range of ORM tools and strategies for this critical area of your business.

Why ORM services are vital for Trust in You

People don’t want to buy from someone or someplace they don’t trust. They worry about being cheated and they worry about being let down or just plain disappointed. Sometimes they worry that big companies won’t take their complaints seriously, or that small companies won’t have the resources to fix a problem.

That’s especially true for big-ticket purchase items but also true for all kinds of services and other products. These days Social Media is just a click away for anyone who feels wronged.

So, Online Reputation Management is so important, as it deals with creating a social image on the web – which must be backed up in reality – and improving it constantly.

It takes very specific marketing skills to execute ORM. It’s an expert area that is more complex than it looks. You will be dealing with real customers with real grievances but also unreasonable customers with imagined grievances, random trolls and maybe some hostile camouflaged competitors or unhappy ex-employees for good measure. So, there’s more to it than meets the eye and there are good and bad ways to tackle all these kinds of situations.

ORM services done well, will provide the base to strengthen your customer support for your brand. If someone is thinking of making a purchase from you, it’s easy today for them to search for both positive and negative feedback via social media or search engines. If the positive feedback looks credible and the negative feedback looks like you have taken it seriously and dealt with it, you will score highly for trust. Trust sells.

We know at you can’t stop all negative comments and any marketing company who tells you they can is either dishonest or doesn’t know the field.

What we do know at from extensive real-world experience is that expert reputation management services can and do mold customer discussions and reviews to be at least fair and if done very well, strongly positive. Business schools have taught for decades how people who feel positively about a company are far less likely to communicate that fact than someone with a strongly felt grievance. So, ORM is there both to be seen to deal with the grievance but also to facilitate positive reviews.